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Dates and Timeline

While the Forgotten Realms has its own (relatively easy to follow) Calendar, we’ll largely be using a traditional real-world calendar for ease of bookeeping – and because it’s a pain for us all to learn that “First Planting” means May, or whatever.

-1372 The Wailing Death strikes the city
-1385 The Spellplague begins
-1451 Neverwinter devastated when Mt. Hotenow erupts
-1479 Current Year

Historical Background

-The Spellplague
-The Wailing Death 1372 DR


-The Harpers
-Red Wizards of Thay

Neverwinter Locations


-Moonstone Mask
-Driftwood Inn
-Beached Leviathan


-Hall of Justice

Dangerous Sites

-Neverdeath Graveyard
-Castle Never

Locations in The Realms

-Icewind Dale

Main Page

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